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If you need your server up and connected to the Internet 24/7, you have to choose the data center to host it. Even if your office has a broadband Internet connection, it is not sufficient for 24/7 uninterruptible server perfomance for a long time.

The modern data center - is a set of technical and organizational solutions, which aim - to provide accessibility, safety and reliable operation of the client servers. The minimum conditions necessary for this:

  • uninterruptible power supply and climate control;
  • independent high-speed connections to LIX, SMILE and direct exchange of traffic (direct peering) with other Latvian ISP;
  • several independent high-speed international data transfer channels.

Since 1996 VERSIJA company has begun offering our clients servers colocation indoors of our data center, located in the same building with our main node. In 2011, VERSIJA company has completely finished facilities of the new data center called VERnet DC. VERnet DC complies with the requirements of Tier II-III, while it is located in the heart of Riga. This combination has made VERnet DC one of the most demanded data center in Latvia.

More information about the conditions of server colocation and other VERnet DC services can be found on the page