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VERnet Personal access to Internet using session mode via telephone or ISDN line. The connection is provided via dial-up to conventional (not 9000xxxx) telephone number. For local telephone operator services, the VERnet Personal user pays additionally.

VERnet Personal advantage is fair connection speed and low price if the user needs mainly e-mail. This Internet service attraction can be substantially augmented, taking into account and purposefully exploiting the local telephone operators best tariff plans and discounts.

To be able to use the VERnet Personal service, all you need is a computer, a modem and a telephone line. Getting connected, login and password are requested, which user receives by signing agreement with SIA VERSIJA. Our specialist will help to adjust your computer and provide detailed consultation for using of the VERnet Personal service.

When choosing the VERnet Personal, you receive the following:

  • Internet connection at any time, using 33.6 Kbps modem;
  • full unlimited access to all Internet resources;
  • ability to connect to Internet from any computer in any place where is a fixed telephone line;
  • as many e-mail addresses as you may deem necessary, and without limitations of size and message storage time.

For the VERnet Personal subscribers free of charge:

  • new user registration and connection;
  • additional e-mail addresses;
  • message forwarding occasionally, and permanently as well;
  • notification sending to mobile phone when new e-mail arrives;
  • web page storage according to quota in provided tariff plan;
  • changing of tariff plans.

VERnet Personal tariffs

Standard pay per minute, no subscription fee (only for the actually spent time).

Lite subscription fee includes unlimited Internet access during non-prime time, and charge per minute during prime time.

Master subscription fee includes unlimited Internet access at any time.


  1. prime time from Monday till Friday 8:00-20:00;
  2. non-pime time from Monday till Friday 20:00-8:00, Saturdays and Sundays 24 hours a day;
  3. tariffs do not include VAT.
VERnet Personal Subscription fee Prime time, price per min. Non-prime time, price per min. Web page volume included
Standard - EUR 0.014 (Ls 0.010) EUR 0.007 (Ls 0.005) -
Lite EUR 7.11 (Ls 5.00) EUR 0.014 (Ls 0.010) free of charge -
Master EUR 14.23 (Ls 10.00) free of charge free of charge 5 B