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SIA VERSIJA is the first company which started to provide Internet services in Latvia. VERSIJA was founded in 1991 when the concept of "Internet" did not even exist in Latvia. We have sailed a long way, starting as a small node providing e-mail services, till being one of the leaders among Internet service providers in Latvia.

In 1996, VERSIJA was entitled with the National operator's license from European network "EUnet", and until its reorganization in 2002 was representing the trade mark "EUnet" in Latvia. Therefore, many of our clients, and not only they, are remembering us as "EUnet Latvia".

VERSIJA provides to its subscribers the top quality services the Business Class Internet. We were not only the first in Latvia to define this concept but we also implemented it: the Business Class Internet is characterized with very high data transmission speed, uninterrupted Internet connection, and, in addition, special service conditions, and each client has personal manager who quickly solves any problems. We have secured these service standards by registration of the term Business Class Internet alongside with our trade mark: