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VERnet Premium Cable permanent fast connection to Internet via optical cable or Ethernet.

VERnet backbone high-speed connections are developed on the basis of modern telecommunications technology and provides data transfer rate up to 100 Mbps. The service VERnet Premium Cable this is the possibility to establish direct connection to VERnet backbone. We can provide this service to our subscribers whose offices are located in the immediate neareness to VERnet backbone. As VERnet telecommunications network develops, the scope of VERnet Premium Cable service is constantly growing.

How much VERnet Premium Cable costs?

Subscription price is calculated individually. Factors influencing the subscription price are the following: required connection speed, number of workstations, amount of work, etc. Connection of subscriber computers to Internet is facilitated by working infrastructure of the building. For every client we choose the optimal package of VERnet Premium Cable in relation to price as well as parameters of service quality.

Cable installation works on the premises of subscriber are paid according to agreement. Client local networks connection to Internet, regardless of the number of computers is provided free of charge. The subscription price includes unlimited Latvian and foreign traffic as well as the following services:

  • real IP addresses;
  • e-mail addresses in the following formats:,,, without limitations of size and message storage time;
  • incoming email checking with anti-virus software, spam filtration;
  • e-mail message copying and forwarding, e-mail auto-responder, notification sending to mobile phone when new e-mail arrives;
  • access to email via Webmail (optional);
  • VERnet Webhosting services in such an amount as provided in Contracts Annex intended to tariffs;
  • online access to statistics server VERnet Accounting System;
  • personal manager consultations via phone or e-mai.

Additional services which we can provide at clients will (prices are shown without VAT):

Additional services which we can provide at clients will (prices are shown without VAT):

  • router and Firewall installation and configuration from EUR 14.23 (Ls 10.00);
  • Firewall systems support EUR 14.23 (Ls 10.00) per month.