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Our partners are not only companies we are connected with by business necessity. At the very birth of company VERSIJA, it created a special formula whose correctness has been proved by many successful years of work, and namely: client = partner. This formula has its extension: company VERSIJA often contacts its clients regarding various questions because we know each other as good partners and highly value our positive experiences. Therefore, many of our clients after some time indeed become our business partners.

State joint-stock company Latvia State Radio And Television Centre provides terrestrial broadcasting of radio and television programmes covering whole territory of Latvia. The services provided also include transport of signals from studios to the transmission sites, as well as planning, design and maintenance of transmission systems.
SIA "LSV KLUBS": promotional gifts, advertising souvenirs, business gifts, all kinds of printing. Member of International promotional gifts producers' organization PSI.
Client of SIA VERSIJA since 1996.
SIA "GARM Technologies": webpage hosting service; leasing real servers, servicing IT resources; development, promotion and support of commercial projects, including B2B and B2C.
Client of SIA VERSIJA since 2003.
Universal Youth Olympic Center of Judo.
Client of SIA VERSIJA since 1997.
Hotel "Lielupe": apartments for tourists and business suits, different kinds of SPAs and sporting activities, conference halls, business center.
Client of SIA VERSIJA since 1998.
Law firm "INLAT PLUS". All kinds of legal advice, integrated legal and accounting services.
Client of SIA VERSIJA since 2002.