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VERSIJA provides all Internet connection types and a series of additional services as well. VERSIJA service standard means high professional level of its personnel and individual approach to each subscriber.

VERnet Premium permanent fast Internet connection for one or several computers which are linked in a local network. This specific service VERnet Premium user chooses taking into consideration his location, demands for connection speed and the price of the service which he feels comfortable with.

VERnet Webhosting user web sites hosting on VERSIJA's web server. User can himself change the contents of pages, but within limits of provided disc space. Depending on the users preferences VERSIJA provides him with the third level domain name or orders and supports the second level domain.

VERnet Personal access to Internet using session mode via telephone or ISDN line. The connection is provided via dial-up to conventional (not 9000xxxx) telephone number.

SIA VERSIJA provides not only Internet services but also - reliable hardware. Qualified specialist will help the client to choose appropriate computer configuration, components, and will carry out the computers assembly. All computers undergo compulsory check-up during pre-sales testing, and they have 3 year warranty.