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VERnet Webhosting is a service which provides hosting of users web page on VERSIJA web server. VERSIJA orders and maintains the second level users domain on its DNS servers or grants the user third level domain name in,, or zone. The user can himself change his web pages contents within limits of provided disc space. VERnet Webhosting service includes also plenary e-mail support.

VERSIJA subscribers who are using VERnet Webhosting First of all, these are discounts and free of charge quotas for web page hosting as is determined by tariff plans VERnet Premium and VERnet Personal. Nevertheless, VERnet Webhosting services can use everyone who is willing to, regardless whether they are using other VERSIJA services.

Note: VERSIJA holds rights to reject VERnet Webhosting service provision if the clients web page content is in conflict with the Republic of Latvia law and ethical norms.

VERnet Webhosting basic tariffs

The basic tariffs do not have to necessarily be identical to tariffs which are shown in the Agreements Tariff Appendix. By mutual agreement of both parties, it is possible to either increase, or decrease the tariffs. Tariffs do not include VAT.

VERnet Webhosting
Web page storage (per month)
1-15 Mb EUR 1.42 (Ls 1)/Mb, minimal amount - 5 Mb
16-50 Mb EUR 21.34 (Ls 15)
above 50 Mb* +EUR 1.42 (Ls 1)/10 Mb
* If the web pages size is above 200 Mb we recommend to choose the VERnet DC SC service
Access to FTP server to modify web page Free of charge
Data bases One without charge, each additional EUR 7.11 (Ls 5) per month
Data base administration panel Free of charge
E-mail support Free of charge
Users domain support (DNS server) EUR 0-5.69 (Ls 0-4) per month
Second level domain .lv Registration EUR 36.17 (Ls 25.42) per year, prolongation EUR 36.17 (Ls25.42) per year
Second level domain .com, .eu, etc. Subject to agreement