VERnet Web Hosting is a service which provides hosting of user’s web page on VERSIJA web server. The service also includes second level user’s domain support on our DNS servers, and plenary e-mail support. At the user’s request, we can register second-level domain names, or grant the user third level domain name in, or zone.

The user can himself change his web page’s contents within limits of provided disc space, using remote administration options, as well as manage his e-mail addresses. FTP access for web page modifying, database and/or e-mail addresses administration panel is free of charge.

VERnet Web Hosting service can use everyone who is willing to, regardless whether they are using other VERSIJA services. However, subscribers who use the VERnet Premium have significant advantages over those who access the Internet through other providers. First of all, these are discounts and free of charge quotas for web page hosting.

Note: VERSIJA holds rights to reject VERnet Web Hosting service provision if the client’s web page content is in conflict with the Republic of Latvia law and ethical norms.

VERnet Web Hosting monthly fee depends on web page size and the service package.

Please fill in request form and shortly we will contact you to specify the price of the service.

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