VERnet Premium is the service providing high-speed Internet connection for one or several computers linked into local network. Client access to foreign Internet resources is provided by at least two independent international channels, which combined capacity anytime is sufficient for current traffic. Access in Latvia is provided by two independent connections to LIX (Latvian Internet eXchange), SMILE (Santa Monica Internet Local Exchange) and direct traffic exchange (direct peering) with a number of Latvian providers.

Depending on the customer’s location, VERSIJA offers cable internet connection (optical cable or Ethernet) or radio connection. We can provide cable internet connection to our subscribers whose offices are located in the immediate nearness to VERnet backbone. Otherwise, the radio connection — often the only possibility to provide high-speed Internet. To provide Internet connection via radio link VERSIJA uses modern equipment by world leading manufacturers such as UBIQUITI NETWORKS, Proxim Wireless Corporation, SAF Tehnika. Tailored solution depends on the distance between the transmitting station and the subscriber connection point, as well as required data transfer rate.

Subscription price is determined for each client individually. The main factors influencing subscription price are: the connection speed requirements, and whether equipment is already installed in the specific building. For every client we choose the optimal package of VERnet Premium – in relation to price as well as parameters of service quality.

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