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VERnet Premium is the service providing permanent fast Internet connection for one or several computers which are linked in a local network. VERSIJA provides its subscribers with top quality services Business Class Internet. Conformance to quality of service requirements VERSIJA guarantees with:

  • two independent 1 Gbps connection to LIX (Latvia Internet eXchange center);
  • direct peering with several Latvian internet service providers;
  • high-speed international data transfer channel and independent backup channel.

VERSIJA subscribers have option to use (Economy Class Internet) services for lower price. A tariff plan may be changed once a month.

When choosing VERnet Premium, you receive the following:

  • local networks connection to Internet, regardless of number of computers free of charge;
  • permanent Internet connection with the speed up to 100 Mbps;
  • real IP addresses free of charge;
  • e-mail addresses in the following formats:,,, without limitations of size and message storage time free of charge;
  • incoming email checking with anti-virus software, spam filtration free of charge;
  • e-mail message copying and forwarding, e-mail auto-responder, notification sending to mobile phone when new e-mail arrives free of charge;
  • access to email via Webmail (optional) free of charge;
  • VERnet Webhosting services in such an amount as provided in Contracts Annex intended to tariffs free of charge;
  • online access to statistics server VERnet Accounting System free of charge;
  • personal manager consultations via phone or e-mail free of charge.

Specific VERnet Premium service the user chooses taking into account his location, requirements for speed and estimated expenses.

VERnet Premium Cable connection to Internet by optical cable or via Ethernet.

VERnet Premium Radio connection of subscribers or groups of subscribers to Internet via radio link.

VERnet Premium DSL connection via ADSL technology.