• The structure of international channels was optimized. As a result, VERSIJA has ability to use simultaneously at least two independent international channels, which combined capacity anytime is sufficient for current traffic.


  • February 10 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 200 Mbps.


  • February 26 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 140 Mbps.
  • May 11 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 150 Mbps.
  • December – for the modernization of electronic communication network in company VERSIJA the telecommunications specialist of company VERSIJA Dmitri Kostin was presented with Telecommunications Association of Latvia diploma.
  • December – SIA VERSIJA board member professor Dr.habil.sc.ing. Vladimir Karpuhin was awarded Certificate of Merit of Ministry of Transport of Republic of Latvia for his activities in Telecommunications Association of Latvia in solving a range of problems with radio spectrum.


  • February 20 – Public Utilities Commission (PUC) grants SIA VERSIJA license for commercial use of radio band 2300 — 2400 MHz.
  • June 10 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 100 Mbps.
  • October 28 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 110 Mbps.


  • July 4 – Public Utilities Commission (PUC) grants SIA VERSIJA license for commercial use of radio band 17,7 — 19,7 GHz.
  • July 11 – Public Utilities Commission (PUC) grants SIA VERSIJA license for commercial use of radio band 5875 — 5925 MHz.
  • September 4-5 – VERSIJA provides fast Internet connection for bus which is equipped with specialized devices for European project SWEETS (Space Weather and Europe – an Education Tool with the Sun) needs. Within the framework of the International Heliophysical Year, SWEETS organized a bus tour through 9 European countries. In Riga, this Tour stopped at the Arhitektu Street.
  • December 19 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 90 Mbps.


  • September – according to the established company’s tradition each client of company VERSIJA receives a present — this time it was a mental game «15».
  • November 3 – direct connection to company Lattelecom 1 Gbps network.
  • November 20 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 72 Mbps.


  • January 27 – 1Gbps connection to LIX (Telia).
  • December 19 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 57 Mbps.


  • April 30 – Public Utilities Commission (PUC) grants SIA VERSIJA license for commercial use of radio band 5470 — 5725 MHz. VERSIJA begins on installing Proxim Tsunami equipment for its clients.
  • August 20-21 – during the World Championships Formula 2000 Riga’s stage VERSIJA provides Internet connection for the press center and secretariat of the competition. Proxim Tsunami MP.11a devices were used, port — the dam AB dambis.
  • Decebmer 17 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 20 Mbps.


  • January – SIA VERSIJA grants its subscribers the opportunity to access their e-mail through webmail facility.
  • May – the new Server hall is connected with optical cable, and the first server is installed.
  • October 20 – SIA VERSIJA logo is registered as a trademark.
  • October 30 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 9,5 Mbps.
  • November 5 – the second 100 Mbps connection to LIX (Lattelecom).
  • December 19 – for the first time in Latvia, SIA VERSIJA office on Arhitektu Street 1 is connected to Internet by Proxim Tsunami MP.11a equipment, providing data transfer rate up to 24 Mbps.


  • January 2 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 2,5 Mbps.
  • May – due to EUnet’s reorganization, the decision has been made to revert to previous firm’s name VERSIJA discontinuing the use of EUnet.
  • July – new SIA VERSIJA sphere of activity: now SIA VERSIJA provides not only Internet services but also reliable computers. All computers are undergoing before-the-sale testing, they have guarantee period up till 3 years, depending on configuration.
  • September – new company style is created, SIA VERSIJA logo, application has been made for trademark registration, and homepage is updated.
  • September 20 – 100 Mbps connection to LIX (Latvian Internet eXchange).
  • December – in accordance with the Laws of Republic of Latvia «On Telecommunications» and «On Public Utilities Regulators», SIA VERSIJA is granted Public fixed telecommunications operator individual license (PUC license No.T10019).
  • December 20 – SIA VERSIJA registers trademark “Biznesa klases internets”.
  • December 28 – total international channel carrying capacity reaches 5,5 Mbps.


  • April – beginning of the optical cable’s construction, the first 290 meters of the optical cable are put in.
  • May 1 – the second modem pool based on ISDN30 to service the Economy Class connections is established. Now, the Economy Class connection speed has reached parity with the Business Class connection, the total number of modem entries reached 85.
  • May – SIA VERSIJA makes agreement with RIPE NCC (European center for distribution of IP addresses) and receives LIR (Local Internet registry) status which provides rights to partition IP addresses to Internet connections of subscribers’ local networks.
  • September – on occasion of 10th anniversary of VERSIJA/EUnet Latvia subscribers receive greetings and presents.


  • April – new service Scheduled mail is provided on VERSIJA/EUnet Latvia homepage — sending of messages to e-mail address or mobile phone can now be delayed, and the date and time of sending can be planned in advance even by a whole year.
  • Summer – the Latvian Internet Association (LIA) is established. Among the founding fathers (15 firms and organizations) is also SIA VERSIJA.
  • September – the first client is provided permanent fast Internet connection via DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).


  • January 1 – new modem pool based on ISDN30 (30 universal lines support modem (V.90, K56Flex) and ISDN connections) is opened. The total number of modem entries reaches 55.
  • February 15 – starting point of the Economy Class Internet service (alternative way to use Internet for lower price).
  • June – Moshkov’s Library website’s mirror is launched on VERSIJA web server; it’s the most known Runet’s electronic web library.


  • June – the firsts clients are provided permanent Internet connection with speed 2 Mbps via radio transmission. BreezeNet devices support multihopping in frequency band, selecting the optimal one. After a year, this service was used by already 30 clients in the offices in Riga’s downtown.
  • November – the contract is signed with Exhibition company Prima Skonto according to which SIA VERSIJA becomes the official supplier of internet services for exhibitions taking place in Skonto Olympic hall.


  • June – VERSIJA creates and starts to distribute the Installation Kit containing software Netscape Navigator and TCPMAN for installation and tuning-up dial-up Internet accesss by user himself. Along with that, the user is granted an opportunity to work 24 hours in Internet for free.


  • Starting point of co-location service provision; the first client places his server on VERSIJA technical room.
  • Аpril – contract is signed with company EUnet International BV, according to which company VERSIJA receives from European network EUnet national operator’s license in Latvia (EUnet Latvia).
  • September – SIA VERSIJA specialists together with company Soft-Tronik Riga organize and manage training of several users’ groups about basics of the Internet.
  • November – leased channel connects VERnet and EUnet backbone (Tallinn).
  • December – the office is relocated to Arhitektu Str. 1 where it is still operating today.


  • Substantially increases range of services which are offered on-line: access to statistical server, access to referral service’s «Viss Par Visu» informative data base, etc.
  • Autumn – technical services are relocating to Pērses Str. 2 which is strategic move that provides utmost opportunities to connect to fast international channels.
  • December – for the first time, the package Apache+PHP+Postgres95 (PHP v.0.8, Apache v.1.0) is assembled, and used for internal and commercial projects.


  • Statistical server is developed and introduced. This unique product of company’s VERSIJA programmers is still successfully functioning.
  • VERSIJA is the first company that creates information system for its clients — prototype of electronic catalogues. VIS (VERnet Information Service) – hypertext reference list (thematic parts) which makes it easier for an on-line user to access the necessary information.
  • Мay – the first Web server in Latvia – Latvia Online.


  • Spring – on the basis of International Automatic Telephone network ISKRA was developed international communications channel with St. Petersburg having speed of 19,2 Kbps.
  • Autumn – international channel begins operating in on-line mode.
  • On-line access to USENET services (Newsgroups) and Gopher (hierarchical menu system) was developed and delivered to clients.


  • February – our own e-mail server, we begin to independently provide e-mail services. Renting government’s communications channel ISKRA for e-mail transfers in a session mode.
  • Мay – VERSIJA receives from EUnet/Relcom the official representative’s license in Latvia.


  • August 27 – SIA VERSIJA is registered in Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia.
  • Autumn – VERSIJA as a company’s Jet sub-contractor begins to provide e-mail services.